Thursday, July 10, 2008

its noisy out...

Turkish people tend to get really enthusiastic about things, which is really nice actually, it shows they have a pulse :)
However, now we have a small baby who actually likes sleeping (at several times throughout the day and (most of the) night and its hot so we have the windows open, I realise how this often manifests itself in a lot of NOISE.
Added to this, we live right next to a park very popular of a warm summer evening and at the top of a valley that collects and amplifies all the Ezan (calls to prayer) from many a Mosque below.... And of course Istanbul is a huge city with many many people living in apartments, so there's bound to be more noisy than er, smaller less crowded places....
So I'm currently inspired to write this blog entry by last night's particular noise:
They've set up an open-air cinema in the park below our house. I don't know what they are playing, since I can't actually leave the house in the evening, but it was a noisy, explosiony action thing, it finished late (after we'd already been woken by the evening Ezan) and when it finished everyone went (loudly) to play in the park and (loudly) home.... There was a lot of waking up.

Some other popular noise-making opportunities include:
  • Weddings (driving round continuously beeping car horn, sometimes firing gun)
  • Someone going to military service (see above)
  • Almost any football match club or international (again see above and add some loud shouting, 'singing' and cheering) During the recent European cup games being in our house with the windows open was like being in a giant stadium. Good for Murat because he didn't feel so alone watching the match by himself but bad for baby... I went to bed, but I know they didn't win just because we didn't wake up again (there's no noise at all when there's no goal).
  • Pretty much any traffic situation. You know, the light is red- or JUST turned green, you can see that the person in front is getting out of the taxi (with baby/ bag/ stroller) but you should beep anyway, it might make them hurry up- or NOT

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