Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Non-sweaty things I'd rather be doing

So its at least 35 degrees out and sunny and humid. I've just been home for lunchtime baby-feeding. It was hot; sweaty mummy, sweaty Arwen, sweaty sweaty sweaty euwch! She didn't seem phased by the sweating at all, having a great time almost walking, circumnavigating almost the whole house -still holding on for now :) Happy to see her mummy which is ALWAYS nice :). But as I left to come back to work and sweatily waited for a taxi and then had a sweaty non-airconned taxi ride, I was thinking of stuff I'd rather be doing instead of going back to office (even tho it is air-conned) in no particular order....... such as:

(yes many of them do revolve around water: pool, beach, sea, river...)

Swimming in the blue blue sea at Büyük Çakıl Plaj,
Kaş and then having yummy fried kalamari, homemade chips and salad at Che's next to the beach.

Lying in the Pool at the Divan Kuruçeşme overlooking the Bosphorous or at Park Orman (haven't done either of these for years since now prohibitively expensive, but did once spend many a summer day here and there when I was a free-wheeling teacher-type!)

Swimming at the beach in Wildwood, NJ, kind of a cheesy place, but many a cool refreshing swim/ boogie-board was had there in-between shifts...
Swimming off a gulet on the meditteranean coast near Fethiye and then having a yummy lunch on the boat.

Sitting in the House Cafe in Ortaköy with a huge iced coffee and the best brownie everrrrr. (I'll put a few like this in so they don't seem to ALL be about swimming!)

Looking down on all the fabulous pools all down the cliffs from a breezy cafe at the top of the Caldera in Santorini while having a delicious Greek salad and some delicious pork döner (mmmm)... and then, er, going for a swim in one of them. Or at Perissa Beach; black sand beach on the other side of the island.

Having a swim at the rooftop pool in Changi airport Singapore between flights on the way to NEW ZEALAND!!! :)
Swimming at Kaiteri Beach or Breaker Bay in NZ or some nice clean river over that way....

SWIMMING at Waikiki Beach (or ANY beach really in Hawaii) or Ilıca Beach in Çeşme, or the beach on the Isla Mujeres in Mexico, or Kaputaş beach near Kaş, or the Lemonakia Beach on Samos

or or or ....

......just anywhere really!
As you can see, I'm not very good at putting the pictures in, but you get the point :)


Triumph and Disaster said...

I love your blog - very witty and funny!

Your little girl is so cute too!

nilly said...

Balik, I understand you. I'm also at the same page with you right now.

Steph said...

I bet you do Nilly !:)))))Don't you just wish we were swimming in that fabulous pool in Çınarcık?? XX

Thanks Martina :) Drop me a line when you come to Istanbul. S